Claire Der Hovannessian

Claire Der Hovannessian is a visual artist. In 2004, she finished her thesis, directed by Anne Maris Duguet at the Paris University of Fine Arts. Her subject: The staging of the sound tool in the contemporary installation: the scenarios. It is for her to perpetuate the tradition of orality, through the sound. Orality was one of the necessary mediums for the transmission of our customs and history. She studies the artists and the scripts they write. Like them, she seeks to tell a story through plastic creation.

Graduated from the decorative arts of Paris in 2007, she practices since 2015 the watercolor on large format. She seeks to meet the mineral (water) and the transformed plant (paper, fabric). From installation to sculpture to paper, she explores. For her, it is necessary not to lose the thread of her story whether it be narrative or abstract, that it is important to write it, to inscribe it in the universe.

“This six thousand year old child was first at school. Or ? In nature. In the beginning, having no other book, he spelled the universe. He had the primary teaching of the clouds, the firmament, the meteors, the flowers, the beasts, the forests, the seasons, the phenomena ” Victor Hugo, Art and Science