Diane Drubay

Seeing the universe at the edge of a new light. A thin light illuminating borders between two worlds. A temporary relief in front of an everlasting natural beauty. 

Diane Drubay is a French artist based in Berlin working with photography and video to create installations that play on the psychoactive and transcendental experience of Sublime and Nature.

Since 2013, she has been working on creating a single video tracing the different stages to reach the ultimate transcendence through Nature by compiling hundreds of impressions of the rising and setting sun. Representing one step on her path to transcendance, each of her series is a cognitive enhancer, a source of regenerative high consciousness by touching the authenticity and feeling powerfully alive.

Her fascination started while waiting for the golden hour in the garden of Claude Monet at Giverny to capture the awakening of the Nature and its changes over months (serie ‘Monet’s Secret Garden’). She believes Nature gives us frames and patterns to reflect and expand our minds, to see our surroundings in clarity with new perspectives and understandings.

In 2017, Diane Drubay did a 3-month art residency at the Berlin Art Institute.