"HUIT MARS - festival POP meufs 2019" 

Le Pavillon des Canaux (39 quai de Loire 75019 Paris France) Facebook event
Live performance on March 8th

Past Exhibitions

"Réflexions Quantiques" 

Galerie Dièse 22 (22 rue des Vertus 75003 Paris)
From 8th November to 8th December 2018


Yan's Club, Armenian Center (5 Avenue Reille, 75014 Paris - visit upon request) From 28 September to 24 October 2018, Paris, France.
In this exhibition twelve META artists seek to explore, recognize, showcase their vision of the territory through poetic, abstract, documentary, physical, narrative, cartographic or emotional landscapes. Art is our common territory, the territory of our perceptions, where we grow up, where we plunge to self-knowledge, where we dream, where we take refuge, where we build our history. One can not evoke Armenia without thinking of the Territory.


FGO Barbara Cultural Center (1, rue de Fleury 75018 Paris) From 6 October during Nuit Blanche until 25 October 2018, Paris, France.

Facebook Event

The META Collective invests the mezzanine of the FGO-Barbara for an original exhibition-experience that is built in off of the 2018 Nuit Blanche and is reborn the next day in a new form. INFINIMENT offers a look in two shots creating a perpetual cycle of compositions and decompositions of an eternity, a landscape, the individual, a collective, a work, a moment, a note. From the infinitely large to the infinitely small, it would be a matter of exploration here. On October 6, 2018, the opening of the exhibition is an opportunity for the group to exhibit its laboratory of artistic experimentation under the public eye through a performance accompanied by an illustrated projection of an original musical work.