Julie Bernou

Drawing as the primary tool of the idea, as is writing, drawing as the first means of observation, drawing as if wedged between two worlds: the dreamlike and the real.

It is at this crossroads, between medium and subject, that Julie Bernou’s work progresses, from hypotheses, sometimes from forms, sometimes from fable, from tale, from lamentation; inactive storytelling of personal stories, common stories, cultural morals.
The existence of the living being endowed with its unique attributes of consciousness, bears witness to a mystery like other animals, thus revealing a question of Meaning useful to human life. It is by means of its differences (animal / human, culture / moral …) in binary system, that the Julie artistic process is widened. In addition to her apprehension of our emotional existence, our social development and our problematic to live without an Absolute sense, visual wanderings.

Julie Bernou graduated from the Fine Arts of Bourges in 2010.
She directed and exhibited several times in Paris, produced various editions and staged theater before leaving the Paris region to reach Lille.
Following her years of working in the studio, she decided to train in art therapy, to make her art, a tool of care which she recognises and appreciates the goods-facts.