Through (our) artistic collaborations, we wish to harmonize the sacred feminine and masculine anchored in the universal laws of Nature.

We are

We are bio-humanists.

We are human beings placing Nature at the center of our artistic preoccupations.

We are meta art artists.

Through our artistic experiences, we seek to go beyond our first perceptions.

We are plural and fractal.

We are multidisciplinary artists weaving the links between the macrocosm and the microcosm, inside and outside, uniqueness and universality, we are one and we are all.

We are experimental.

Our art becomes porous thanks to the instinctive exchange of our practices and our experiences.

We are united to you.

We wish that our movement has an impact on the culture of our mentalities.

Our values

The Careful Balance of Feminine and Masculine  .  Biodiversity  .  Spirituality  . Integrity   .   Collective Awakening  .   The Laws of Polarity, Attraction and Fractals

Our goals

1 – The creation of an artistic Biodiversity

2 – Reaching Symbiosis by means of Collective Experimentation

3 – Using time Together to encourage the exploration of New disciplines

4 – Remembering that we are all bound by Organic matter

5 – Inviting genuine Emotion into the foreground

6 – Using Art to pay tribute to Life